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Be Joyful

So, you’re tired of always feeling like things aren’t going your way and like they never will? Well, it’s time to turn things around. It all starts with you. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I used to think the same thing. I have learned however that that kind of thinking is wrong. I’ve learned that what I think about I bring about. So, if I’m thinking about negative stuff I’m just inviting more negative stuff into my life. And I’m done with all that!

Now, I know that you have doubts about this. I did too. Until I unknowingly tested it out. What do I mean? I started learning about changing my mindset to change my circumstances. I was thinking positive thoughts and positive things were happening in my life. Then I had a change that was out of my control that I was not happy about. I let it consume it. For over a year. And the more I focused on it and thought negative thoughts about it the more negative things started showing up in other areas of my life.

Now, I’m changing my thoughts and focus and I’m starting to see positive things showing up in my life instead of negative things. I know, you’re skeptical of this. But I promise you that it’s what has really happened! It all starts with us. We attract that which we think about. I’m thinking about positive things and I’m being more conscious of the negative thoughts that pop up. I have started trying to turn those negative thoughts around to positive ones.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I learned about changing my mindset from Dana Wilde and The Mind Aware. Now, mind you, she focuses on people with Network Marketing businesses but it holds true for regular life too. If you apply what she teaches about the brain to everything in your life you will see a change. That’s what I love about it. It works for non-business stuff too!

I’m working on building my new business and I am positive that it will be a success. Why? Because I’m doing something that I love. When you do something that you love it’s hard to be negative about it all the time. I admit I have those negative thoughts show up but I’m aware of it now and I immediately turn it around in my head to something positive. For example: “No one bought anything today.” I turn it around to: “No one bought anything today because they’re waiting for payday to purchase what they fell in love with today. They’re just making out their shopping list for payday.” See, it wasn’t that hard to turn a negative thought into a positive one. And, I believe that they are making out their shopping list for payday.

Here’s another example from earlier tonight. I was in a store shopping with my husband. He wandered off like he usually does. I think he’s right behind me but turn around to see he’s nowhere to be found. I had just told him that my phone was needing charged. It had already beeped at me. It made me mad and I started thinking ugly thoughts about how he was worse than a child at wandering off and not saying anything. Then I realized how my happy mood was quickly changing. I didn’t like how I was feeling. I went to look at something I like and just kept an eye out for him. When I finally saw him wandering around I went up to him and instead of ¬†griping just came up with a smile on my face. So, instead of starting a fight I chose to be happy that we were back together. He happily asked if I was ready. He didn’t gripe that I didn’t stay with him where he went (which is usually what happens when this scenario plays out). So, changing how I was thinking about him actually made the evening end on a happy note instead of a sour one. He even let me listen to a webinar about Social Media on the way home while my phone charged and didn’t gripe about it once!

I am full of joy that I am finally doing something that I love. I love to be on the Internet helping people get what they want out of life. It can be anything from what they can find here on this site to what they can find at one of my other businesses, either my Gold Canyon site or on Color Monthly’s site. No matter where they go, it’s something they want to view because they’re interested in finding out more and making a purchase. I can find joy in the knowledge that I’m directing them to something that will benefit their life in some way. I’m not giving out information or links that are depressing. I’m giving out information and links that make people happy.

So, take some time today to spend just 15 minutes thinking happy thoughts. You can do anything for 15 minutes. That’s from another wonderful woman who I will talk about more in another post that can be found here. The change you want starts with you.

Until next time…

Keep Chasing The Dream!