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Okay, I have had a very unhappy bedroom for some time now. But, my Mother’s Day present was that the bedroom was put together the way I wanted it. This meant I had to tackle that unsightly mess of junk that we all throw into the bedroom to get it out of sight of company, especially when we weren’t expecting anyone to be coming over in just a little bit. Or worse, they show up totally unannounced and we have to go stash it so it’s out of sight while they’re there. Then we never take it and put it where it belongs and it just keeps multiplying. Like bunnies.

Well, I now have my bedroom mostly in order. I didn’t touch the closets. That’s for another weekend. And, I’ve found that I’m making the bed every morning now as well. I love coming home to find my bed made and looking like I’m walking into a hotel room. That’s what my husband said it looked like when I got done making it Sunday night. I feel happy when I get up and make it. It starts my day out right. It only takes about 5 minutes of my time, if that.

I have a website that I found years ago and have been an off and on follower of. It’s great for helping to get your home in order. I didn’t follow her rules Sunday but it’s easier now to follow them. Especially when I know that I can easily walk around the bed to actually put things away when I go in there instead of the stash and dash that I used to do. It actually made me feel depressed to go into the bedroom because of all of the clutter laying around. If you’re wondering what website I am talking about go check out Marla Cilley, The Fly Lady. She’s a present from Heaven!

She has all kinds of content to help you out. She has a store where you can buy whatever you need to help you clean and get organized. She’s great! One of her favorite things is “You can do anything for 15 minutes.” She’s the bomb when it comes to getting things done 15 minutes at a time. And that’s why I love her. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I do something for 15 minutes then stop. And then I purposely make myself refrain from nagging myself about not doing more. You can read more about how to do that here.

I know that there’s more work to do in the bedroom. We’re slowly fixing up this place until we’re ready to build our own dream house. My husband works construction so it’s been a struggle to get him to do anything to this place. It’s like the saying about the plumber or electrician. The plumber’s plumbing never works and there’s always something electrical broke in the electrician’s house. He does it all day at work and when he gets home he doesn’t want to do it even more. He’s tired and worn out. So, I was sure to tell him how proud I was of him for all the hard work he did Sunday. And he did a lot of hard work. He replaced flooring, installed two new plugs, moved a very heavy dresser/mirror combo, moved the bed, and I think he even mowed the yard. He might have done that Saturday but I can’t recall right now. Needless to say I was very thankful for all of his hard work and I wanted him to know that.

So, take some time today to start working on your bedroom to make it feel more inviting. It really does help your mood to have a clean bedroom. If you start the day happy you tend not to have as rough a day if things start going south. And, it’s easier to come home if you know you have a wonderful hotel-like room to retreat to if it was a hard day. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

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