I’m Done

How many times have you said this to yourself? I ask because I’ve said this same phrase to myself I don’t know how many times. And yet, I kept going back for more. I kept telling myself I’m done with _________. And then I’d go right back for more. Why? Because I kept telling myself I’m not a quitter, it’ll get better, just hang in there a little bit longer and things will change, etc. I would go through all the cliches there are to psych myself up to get up out of that bed one more time and do another day. Glutton for punishment? Maybe. I have years of experience doing it. I’m faithful to a fault. Old reliable. Why? Because I hate change. At least that’s what my go to has always been when explaining why I kept going back for more.

But, the thing is, I’m making changes all the time. I rearrange my office. I rearrange my closet. I rearrange my living room. I have even rearranged my kitchen cabinets more times than my husband can stand! So, if I truly hated change I wouldn’t be changing so much stuff so often. The problem isn’t that I hate change it’s that I hadn’t changed the right thing. When we’re constantly changing things it means we’re not happy and we’re not willing to change what we know we need to change in order to make us happy. We’re afraid of change. THAT’s what the real truth of the matter is.

Change scares us all. It’s the unknown behind the change. With every change there can be one of two outcomes. Either things go great or they go so far south we may lose everything. So, we just keep changing other things trying to find the happiness we crave but are afraid to chase. We keep reminding ourselves of “how good we have it” in order to avoid the change that scares us. We come up with reasons to keep from chasing our dreams. And they’re all sound reasons. They have some sort of logic behind them. Any reasonable person would agree. I mean, why would we jeopardize our livelihood? Are we insane? What could we possibly be thinking?

We’re subconsciously thinking that we could be truly happy for once in our lives. We don’t realize it on the surface because it’s in our subconscious mind. It’s a little bitty spark that’s just dying for some air so it can breathe and grow into a blazing fire in our soul. If we ignore it long enough we will kill that spark and we will have never chased our dreams. There are so few of us left who are doing what they truly want to be doing. We need to help fan that spark in others. If everyone did what made them truly happy this world would be a better place. Some people love to work in factories on assembly lines. And that’s okay. Some people love to drive delivery trucks. That’s okay too. And some people love to help others chase their dreams, whatever they may be.

This world needs people doing all sorts of different jobs. If you’re not happy in the job you have but there’s a job out there that does make you happy then go for it! You will only excel at that job. If it’s a job that you hate you’re not going to do it as well as you would if you loved it. You just don’t put the kind of effort into a job you hate as you put into a job you love. And when you do what you love, the finances will take care of themselves. Because of your excellence at what you do, your boss will reward you well and more often in order to keep you around. Chasing your dream will pay off. It may not pay off at first and there may be a period where you’ll want to give up but I promise that if you stick with it, you will eventually be rewarded.

So, take some time tonight to do some soul searching. Look at what you want in life. Write it down someplace just for you. Someplace that you can take it out periodically and look at it. It’s your fan for your spark. Use it. You don’t have to make the change overnight. You can slowly make the change. Make the time to do a little towards your dreams. If you’re having a bad day then take a break from chasing your dream. You can’t do good things when you’re in a bad state of mind. Don’t beat yourself up if you take the time off to get into a better state of mind. However, don’t go on a permanent hiatus from your dream chasing. That’s an order.

Until next time…

Keep Chasing The Dream!



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