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I love to crochet. It’s my hobby. And I want to bring more of it to the site. I have plans to have guest contributors who will share their tips and tricks and maybe even a pattern with us.

Right now I’m working on a rug for my husband’s side of the bed. I don’t have rugs in my house. They’re nasty things. If I can’t pick it up and put it in the washer to clean it, I don’t want it in my floor. I’m allergic to dust and rugs are HUGE dust magnets. If you ever take the carpet out of your house you’ll see what I mean. Even if you vacuum every day there’s so much dirt under your rugs you’d probably have a fit if you saw it. So, we don’t have rugs in the house.

The rug that I’m working on is one that I’m making the pattern up myself. I tried to write it down but I just screwed it all up on paper. Maybe if I do a simpler rug I can write down the pattern. Or next time I will video myself doing it so that people can watch a video and make one of their own. I’m using black yarn so it’s hard to see the pattern unless you have the rug in hand. I’m making it so that there’s little puffed up areas that he can wipe his feet on before getting into the bed.

There are so many things I wanted to get done this weekend but there just isn’t enough time. I’m waiting for the sun to go down before starting on my next project. It’s not hobby related but I certainly wish it was. I do have three other unfinished crochet projects right now that I need to work on as well. I go between projects as the mood strikes me. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to work on a certain project. So, I do something else that I’m in the mood for.

If my rug turns out okay (and I think it will) then I will do my best to try to do more projects of my own design. I’m letting myself be open to the possibilities that I am more creative than I used to be. With age comes ability. I am well able to do more things now than I when I was a young mother of 20 years old. And I’m proud that I have stuck with some things and had success with them. And I’m always open to new successes. You can never be too successful. True success makes us happy. If it doesn’t make us happy and bring us joy it’s not success – it’s work. And work isn’t fun.

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