My Sweater – Part 1

So, I’ve been working on a new sweater for myself. It’s actually a cardigan. I’m a very cold natured person. I have finally found a pattern that is easy enough to not intimidate me. I know that I’m better than a beginner but I psych myself out when it comes to making clothing. I feel more comfortable making hats. But this pattern was so appealing I had to try it. And I learned how to do a new seam in the process.

So, here’s a look at how far I’ve gotten:

So far I love how it’s turning out. I had even considered stopping at this point but I think instead I will make another one with some different yard. I want to change up the color scheme a little bit on the next one. I was working with yarn that I had smaller amounts of this time. It’s a bit of a throw together but the colors are actually coming out nicely I think. Purple is my favorite color of course so the next one may be done in shades of purple. I’m still thinking on that. No real rush right now as I’m still in the process of working on this one.

If you want the pattern,  it’s posted at the following website in three parts. This is from the first part. Just go here: and you can find the links to the other two parts as well as the link to the seeming technique she recommends you use. It’s such an easy pattern that you don’t need to get intimidated. I will admit that sometimes I didn’t pay attention to where my corners were and missed one then had to frog it back to my mistake. But it was still so easy and fun to do.

I will post a picture of the results of my part 2 once I can. I’m about to start working on it. I will try to remember and take some in progress pictures too but don’t beat me if I just get the end of step 2. I get carried away when I crochet and forget to take pictures sometimes. Anyway, here’s hoping you have a great weekend!

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