My Sweater – Part 2

Okay, I’ve been working on the sweater some more. I have some of part 2 done. I still need to do some more. I’ve got the length added. I haven’t added the rest of the sleeves yet. I’m kind of unsure at this point. It looks so nice like it is but I think that to make it more versatile I’m going to need to go ahead and add the rest of the length to the sleeves to make it a long sleeve. But, this gives me an idea for making another one that has the shorter sleeves and no hood. So just from this one pattern I have come up with at least three more ideas for more sweaters. I love this pattern and how easy it is to make into other sweaters just by changing up some things.

Part 2 Front

Part 2 Back


Again, if you want to find the second part to this pattern visit She has been so gracious to allow us to use this pattern free of charge. I haven’t explored the rest of her site yet (I’m afraid I’ll find too many things to start on and never finish a single one of them), but I’m sure there’s plenty to keep me occupied.

So, I’ve finished adding the length to the arms. What do you think? I like them. But I’m cold natured. I finished while at the Farmer’s Market.

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