New Crafts On The Way

So, I’m in the mood to craft today. I’m planning to get some small crafts done and photographed for the site. All while doing some housework in between of course!

I have been looking at some craft ideas online and now I’m inspired. I have lots of patterns/crafts to work on now. My favorite I think will be some of the Jewelry that I saw. Especially the necklaces. I can’t wait to share with you some of the things that I’m going to create! I love to create things.

So, be on the lookout for some small items to start showing up in the store. Getting my yarn stash put to good use will pacify the hubby. He’s always saying I have too much yarn already. I did find a great haul a little over a year ago. Below is the picture I took of the find:

I should mention that I already had a tall bookcase full of yarn. So, do you think I’m a yarn hoarder? My hubby sure thinks so! I may have to agree with him on that account. But, really, you can never have too much yarn. Right?

Anyway, I’m off to start getting this website off the ground by creating more items to sell. Let’s face it, not everyone can make things and sometimes people would rather buy it than try to make it themselves. Why not be the supplier of that item?

So, until next time:

Keep Chasing The Dream!

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