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Opportunity Knocks

So, as you know I answered the call when opportunity came knocking. So, far I’ve let life kind of get in the way. But, I’m working to change that. This month my goal is to sponsor at least two people into Gold Canyon. I know that’s not a huge number but I plan to teach and train them to help them be successful and I don’t want to have more on my plate than I can handle. That being said, if I sponsor more than that I’ll kill myself making sure that I don’t let them down. 🙂 

So, I’m vamping up my efforts on my Facebook Page. I’m spending the day today working on the house and getting some posts ready to go. I do need to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to get some household necessities but I have all day to work on my house and posts. I’ll try to post here as well, but if I make some videos they’re usually larger than 2MB and the WordPress app won’t let me upload them. I may have to use my YouTube account to upload them and then embed them. Joy, right?

Anyway, if you find yourself looking for a little extra income or wanting to completely replace your current income then let me know. I can help you start your own business too. And, I can help you get your start up fee refunded to you! This is a limited time offer so be sure to sign up today!

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