Juggling Life

So, I’ve been busy with life in general. I’m making decisions on what to put my efforts into. I have to decide if I’m going to get my Life Coach website back up and going or not. I’m working on this website as well as my insurance agent website. I want to have the same look across both sites right now. I will eventually find a look I like better for the insurance website. I have a look for the Life Coach website that I’ve used in the past that I liked well and if I get it back up and going I will most likely do that same look again.

I have a podcast on Spotify that I haven’t done anything with for some time now. I really do need to work on it, too. Lots of irons in the fire. It’s a juggling act. I’ve been putting the regular job first because we need the money from that job to pay the bills. Everyone has bills that need paid and not many folks have other people who will pay their bills for them. I know I don’t. So, my extra activities have taken a back seat to the regular job.

Hopefully, you’ll all cut me some slack and feel free to come back periodically to see the updates over the next few months. It’s my goal to get my websites filled with content and blog posts. This one is mainly just a blog. My other one will have more articles of interest for insurance things. If I get my life coach site back up it will be where that sort of content will be featured. I’ll probably link to it periodically from this site.

Well, I’m off to work on some more stuff!

Until next time…

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